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SeaSTA Features, Examples and Screenshots

The linked pages illustrate screenshots of a number of maps prepared with SeaSTA for World Wind. The zoom levels were selected to produce uniform images containing the desired information. Larger or smaller images can be prepared, depending on individual needs. Additionally, SeaSTA contains many maps not demonstrated here (over 800 in total). The included maps and overlays may be combined with one another, with built-in World Wind imagery and layers, or with compatible, third-party addons.

Windows Media Video presentation of SeaSTA features.

Sea Surface Temperature

SeaSTA includes color maps of monthly SST from 1982 to the present. These were prepared from the highest resolution (~4 km) long term SST data currently available. Smoothed contours of SST are also provided.


Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

Sea Breeze also provides monthly maps and contours of Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly (SSTA). These smoothed data allow identification of weather and climate phenomena. Seasonal and mid-term trends can be displayed, evaluated and presented in an intuitive manner with high quality graphics.


Tropical Storms

SeaSTA contains the tracks of over 2800 tropical storms, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons from 1982 to the present. This is a comprehensive record of the tropical storms worldwide for this period. Storms are classified by date and storm category. They may be controlled individually or in any combination.


Currents, Winds and Ice

SeaSTA includes layers depicting average annual, seasonal and monthly surface current velocity vectors and wind speed vectors. Major ocean currents are identified and labeled. Maps of the median monthly sea ice extent are also provided. These may be overlaid on the other SeaSTA maps or used in combination with other data.



SeaSTA illustrates the long-term climatologies of a number of important SST characteristics. These include annual, seasonal and monthly SST averages, annual maximum and minimum SST, annual SST range, monthly and seasonal variation, zonal anomalies and annual, seasonal and monthly tropical storm frequencies.


Bathymetry and Topography

SeaSTA includes the color Ochre, Olive and Ultramarine and grayscale Charcoal shaded relief maps from PanglossTech's Shaded Relief add-on. These maps are derived from the best publicly available global bathymetry datasets. High resolution national borders and a detailed shoreline are also provided. These features are illustrated in the examples provided above.