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Saturn has been observed by terrestrial telescopes for centuries. The ringed planet has been visited by the Pioneer, Voyager, and Cassini deep space missions. The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has also accumulated extensive data about the planet and its rings.

The Cassini-Huygens mission has generated the most detailed knowledge about Saturn and its moons. High resolution imaging has revealed the remarkable complexity of Saturn's ring system. Cameras sensitive to wavelengths of light from infrared to ultraviolet have peered to Titan's surface through the hazy atmosphere. Spectral measurements have also provided clues to the atmospheric composition of Titan. Over many orbits, the spacecraft has mapped the smaller rocky moons for the first time.

The Saturn Add-on for NASA World Wind combines high resolution images collected by HST and the Cassini mission. Saturn is displayed with a high resolution Hubble map. The rings and moons are visualized with Cassini's high resolution photography and measurements. Surface features on the moons are also identified by name and classification.

Install the Saturn 1.3 Add-on first, then install the Saturn 1.3b Update.


Download Saturn 1.3 Add-on

Download Saturn 1.3b Update

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