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Global Markets Features, Examples and Screenshots

The linked pages illustrate screenshots of a number of maps prepared with Global Markets for World Wind. The zoom levels were selected to produce uniform images containing the desired information. Larger or smaller images can be prepared, depending on individual needs. Additionally, Global Markets contains many maps not demonstrated here (over 200 in total). The included maps and overlays may be combined with one another, with built-in World Wind imagery and layers, or with compatible, third-party addons.

Windows Media Video presentation of Global Markets features.

Equity Markets

Global Markets includes the analysis of 100 national stock markets around the world. These countries make up over 97% of the world's total GDP. The monthly values of these exchanges are tracked from October 2007 (the approximate peak of the last economic cycle) to the present. The datasets will continue to be updated. Total market value changes and monthly changes are depicted in several color schemes.

Total Change Multicolor
Total Change Duotone
2009 Change Multicolor
Month-to-Month Change Multicolor

Finance and Trade

Global Markets provides many financial, capital and trade datasets. These include GDP (gross and per capita) at nominal exchange rates and purchasing power parity, trade balances, exports, imports, balance sheets, foreign and domestic investment, labor force, and other indicators of economic health.

Exports and Imports
Foreign Investment
Debt and Credit

Energy Production and Consumption

Global Markets includes analyses of the global market of all the major energy sources. Production, consumption, exports and imports of coal, oil, natural gas, electricity and nuclear energy are depicted and quantified on a country-by-country basis.



Global Markets also illustrates national production rates of the major metal and grain commodities. Aluminum, copper, steel and gold comprise the included maps of metal producing countries. The agricultural commmodity market includes corn, rice and wheat, as well as land and water resources.

Steel and Iron


Global Markets depicts demographic chracteristics of national populations that affect economic competitiveness and stability. These datasets include labor force composition, income disparity, bith and death rates, life expevtancy, education and others.

Median Age and Fertility
Birth and Death Rates
Labor Composition
Income Disparity

Trade Groups

Global Markets provides maps of over 40 of the most important international trade alliances. These include global organizations, such as the World Trade organization, and smaller regional tade unions, such as ASEAN, CAFTA and the Eurozone.


US Data

Global Markets contains monthly, state-by-state United States unemployment statistics, as well as other subnational economic data.

Median Income
State GDP

Other Features

Global Markets includes a number of additional overlays and features to increase the versatility and options available for data display. These include political and blank maps and datasets cuch as currency, bourse city names and country names, political boundaries and other overlays.

Political Map and Currencies
Bourse Names and Cities